maggie bluffs Seattle, crab and artichoke sandwich

You know those days where you just can’t decide what the heck you want to eat for lunch? When old standbys like burgers or leftovers make you think of nothing more exciting than “meh…”? My cousin and I were in the midst of this indecision one Saturday afternoon when she took the reins and decided we should check out Maggie Bluffs.

“Why not?”, I thought. I had no idea what to expect, but I was getting hungry. A breakfast of powdered donuts can only sustain you for so long. Thankfully, we were in Ballard, and Maggie’s was just a few minutes away in the quaint little district of Magnolia.

The restaurant is actually located at the Elliot Bay Marina, just below Palisade, one of Seattle’s more well-known seafood spots. The Marina itself is only about 2 miles northwest of downtown Seattle, and is adjacent to one of Seattle’s main cruise ship ports. As a result, the view I was treated to when we arrived looked like this:


*Sigh*….waterfront, boats, cruise ships, the Space Needle, and a cloudless sky. A view doesn’t get any better than this. Maggie Bluffs has outside patio seating, so if you’re ever lucky enough to eat here on a clear day like this, take advantage of the weather and eat al fresco! We were seated quickly, and while the restaurant was quite busy, service throughout our meal was quick and attentive.

Onto the food. I wanted to try something different, something I wouldn’t cook on my own or eat on a regular basis…so I picked the first item on the menu that really jumped out at me: the Hot Crab and Artichoke Sandwich.

maggie bluffs Seattle, crab and artichoke sandwich

The portion, to my delight, was big. I often shy away from ordering sandwiches at restaurants because they just typically aren’t very filling. I was especially worried about this one because it’s served open-faced. I was half-expecting a meager slice of bread with a thin layer of crab and artichoke on top. Instead, you get a thick slice of toast topped with generous helpings of crab, artichoke, onions, Parmesan, tomato slices, and Cheddar cheese. I also didn’t expect the heaping pile of thin-cut fries, which certainly helped fill me up. Like with Lunchbox Laboratory, I would’ve preferred thicker fries, but with the amount they gave me, I really couldn’t complain.

maggie bluffs Seattle, crab and artichoke sandwich

The sandwich was good. You can clearly taste the crab and artichoke, and the cheese adds a nice sharp flavor. The thick toast provides a nice crunchy texture, and is a very suitable base for all of this. Anything thinner would probably collapse under that heap of artichoke and crab. I didn’t try anything else on the menu, but this surprisingly hearty sandwich, with that view of the Bay, already has me wanting to come back.

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Written by Christian