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I’m back after a long, but busy, holiday break. But before I continue writing about the foods and fun of my recent European adventures, I thought I’d share a little about a place in Vegas that stuffed me silly over the holidays. And no, it wasn’t a buffet.

What do you do when you’re in the outskirts of Las Vegas, starving, but have no desire to pay $39 per person for the nearest dinner buffet? The M Resort, a hotel and casino located about 15 minutes south of the Strip, may have the answer to your food woes.

The M has over half a dozen restaurants, including a buffet. Now normally, when I’m hungry and in Vegas, I head straight to one of the dozens of buffets that are packed on the Strip. But my cousin had recently told me about a place at the M that served massive portions of very rich and heavy foods, at prices that “weren’t bad”. My ears perked.

Hash House A Go Go

That place is Hash House A Go Go. It’s been featured on the Travel Channel show Man vs. Food, and publications including the New York Times, and the New York Post. Even Dr. Phil and Martha Stewart have sung its praises.

As I wandered into the restaurant one cold winter night, I worried about the comically huge portions of food I was about to be served. I knew it was going to be big…I just hoped it tasted good as well. A massive plate of food means nothing if all the food on the plate is bland or tastes like crap. I hoped this huge portion thing wasn’t just a gimmick to lure in tourists.

The dinner menu had plenty of choices. I could have anything from chili-crusted duck breasts, to grilled swordfish, to a chicken pot pie. Now, remember how I said I had learned about this place through one of my cousins? He had ordered the chicken pot pie, but the portion was so big that he had to take most of it home. When you take home a creamy dish with a crust, like chicken pot pie…it tends to get soggy and mushy. It became so unappetizing, he didn’t even bother eating his leftovers.

Lesson learned: don’t order anything that might resemble a container of barf after a few hours.

I ordered the Kokomo, a meatloaf sandwich topped with roasted tomatoes and a sheet of grilled mozzarella cheese.

Like most restaurants, you’ll get a bowl of bread before your main dish arrives. Unlike most restaurants, Hash House gives you a bowl of honey-glazed biscuits the size of softballs.

Hash House A Go Go biscuit
Hash House A Go Go biscuit

A biscuit coated in honey.

After wolfing down a week’s worth of carbs, the real fun begins.

Hash House A Go Go, Kokomo, meatloaf sandwich

As my waitress placed this plate in front of me, all I could think was: Dear god that’s a lot of food. See that brown mountain next to the sandwich? That’s a mound of bacon mashed potatoes covered with a sheet of cheddar cheese.

Hash House A Go Go, Kokomo, meatloaf sandwich Hash House A Go Go, Kokomo, meatloaf sandwich

The sandwich itself is a massive 4-5 inches tall.The meatloaf was thick and juicy. But, meatloaf in general isn’t always too flavorful on its own. Every place I’ve had it always serves it with some sort of gravy or sauce, to enhance the flavor. This is where the tomatoes and mozzarella cheese come in. The pasty tomatoes and crispy cheese worked well with the meat, and gave a bit of a tangy kick.

The bread used to hold this sandwich together is what Hash House calls ‘milk bread’. If you’ve ever gotten a loaf of white bread from a Chinese bakery, this is pretty much the same thing. If you’ve never had either…you’re missing out on bread that is, in my humble opinion, far superior to any white breads you’d find in a typical American supermarket. Milk/Chinese white bread is slightly sweet, with a soft and fluffy texture.

Hash House A Go Go, bacon cheddar mashed potatoes

The mashed potatoes were…pretty good. It wasn’t as creamy as I was hoping, nor was it very flavorful on its own. Most of the flavor came from the bacon and grilled cheddar cheese (which was delicious). I’ll likely be trying another side dish on my next visit (“basil pesto tossed crispy potatoes” sound pretty good).

I managed to eat a little over half of the sandwich before I felt more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey, and asked for a box. The bread slices were thick enough to prevent the sandwich from getting messy and falling apart. The leftovers made a filling breakfast for me the next morning, and it still looked (and tasted) great.

Normally, I’d say the Kokomo’s $13.95 price isn’t very cheap for sandwich. But, the amount of food you get can easily feed you for two meals. Or you could split an entrée between you and your date. Most of Hash House’s dinner items run in the $13-$25 dollar range, which is comparable to places like Cheesecake Factory. Not cheap, but not expensive either. It is, however, a lot of pretty good food, for not very much of your hard-earned money.

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Written by Christian